i just finished Greek and i cant stop crying

It’s a sad, sad feeling, isn’t it? But the finale is so perfect.


"They wanted change."

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Fangirl Challenge: [3/4] OT3s » Casey, Rusty & Ashleigh
"I hate that you keep bringing that up."
“I hate being talked down to.”
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would you be up for making some greek icons or anything of the sort? love your blog, by the way!

If you tell me what characters or relationships or preferably, even what episode/scene, I can try to make some. There’s way too many to just try to guess, especially since there’s not really any galleries with caps for the whole show, I’d have to make them myself. But otherwise, yeah.


which episode of greek is the gif set you just posted of casey and evan from?

It’s labeled in the tags, 4x10, the series finale.


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Hi!! I really love you blog and Greek !! Anyhow, I was wondering if you were planing on adding other members to this blog eventually to help you make more gifs set?? Keep up the great work <3

There are a few other members already added, but they never post anymore. I would definitely not be opposed to adding other members, but I’d want to see their gifs first. Not to sound snobby but you know, gifs would have to be the right size, not jumpy or too fast/slow, no spelling errors, decent coloring. So if any followers out there are interested in helping, send me an ask and we’ll talk! I promise I won’t be mean or anything.


"It’s just what I do."
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