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Do you know the name of the actual bar they used for exterior shots of Dobbler's? I remember reading something about it being in LA, but I don't remember the exact name of the place.

I’m not sure, but maybe one of our follows does! Anyone?


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"My friend is the one who dictates who’s cool. You see, this friend has never cared what other people thought of her. And you know what? Everyone fell in love with her for it. She… is Angelina Jolie.”

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Another Meme I Won’t Finish: [4/10] TV Shows » Greek
↳ “I wanna have a real college experience.”
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"Rebecca shouldn’t have to grovel at all, Tegan. Yes, she should apologize, but that’s it. We can’t desert our sister now, when she needs us the most. Sisters trust and support each other, no matter what. It’s simple, we stand together.”

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/ I want to show the girl who claims she doesn’t believe in love how much she means to me. You know she’s the first girl that doesn’t make me feel like I’m the evil guy that everyone else thinks I am. She gets my background and why we are the way we are. She deserves someone special.

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Well, you know what your problem is? I’m too hot?

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